Sunday, 26 February 2017

Mandarin language should be offered for Leaving Certificate Exams

Mandarin language should be offered for Leaving Cert. as it's offered for Ancient Greek, Hebrew & Japanese as well as non-curricular EU languages.
This is the letter that I am sending to the Minister of Education & Skills.  Richard Bruton T.D. ( as well as my local politicians and I hope you will too. 
To whom it may concerned:
Re Mandarin Chinese should be included in the Leaving Cert curriculum.

Dear Minister 
I am writing to you to express my passion re subject matter and would like to pledge your support to push this matter further as soon as possible.
According to the census in 2006, there were 11,161 Chinese speaking people living in Ireland. In 2011, this numbers has increased to 15,166. In the same report Japanese speakers were 1,309 by comparison. Other languages which are included in the curriculum such as Hebrew and Greek don't even make it to the chart. Giving the increasing numbers of Chinese speakers in Ireland census after census, it's only fair that they have an equal opportunity to have the language recognised be accredited for entering 3rd level education.
Ireland has known for their equality law given to the recent marriage referendum. Quote from IHREC: Irish law prohibits discrimination and promotes equality in a wide range of areas. Article 40.1 of the Constitution of Ireland states that “[a]ll citizens shall, as human persons, be held equal before the law”. The Irish courts regularly apply the equality guarantee in the Constitution in their case law.

These are some reasons why Mandarin should be added to the Leaving Cert.
1) 845 million speak Mandarin as a first language, as compared to English with 328 million.
2) China is one of the world's largest and fastest growing economies.
3) There are 3,533 Chinese pupils aged 15 years and over resident in Ireland in 2011 and this number is increasing.
4) There are more than 5,000 pupils who are currently taking Chinese studies.
5) The UK has offered Chinese as an exam subject since 2009 and last year nearly 4,000 pupils sat the Chinese exam. 

4 years ago, the then minister of education announced that Mandarin Chinese will soon be an exam subject on leaving cert. But as yet there's no time frame for when this will take place. I sincerely hope you will make this happen and make history! Thank you for your time in this.

Evan Furlong 
Sign petition here.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

萬聖節快樂 Happy Halloween

See what we have planned for you at this Halloween!
We have presentation about Halloween vs Ghost Festival and see the similarities in both and differences too.
We will also be learning a new Halloween song, thanks to the Win Brothers!
Can't have a Halloween without the popular traditional games like bingo and bowling!
Finally, we will be finishing our class with Chinese painting workshop and we are painting pumpkin!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Summer Mandarin Chinese Immersion camp in Dublin 2016

Summer Mandarin Chinese Immersion Camp is now enrolling!
July 11-15, 2016 from 10:00-15:00.
Click here for application

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Paper tearing collage 撕畫 sī huà

Paper tearing collage. 
撕畫 sī huà 
Happy mid-autumn festival!!
中秋節快樂zhōng qiū jié kuài lè!!
I was inspired by a book I read and thought it would be a cool project for children to do 撕畫 sī huà. I was looking for cotton & Kraft paper and no one has heard of paper tearing collage! Glad to be the first to show the kids!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Comics and Instagram in the class

Comics fun! We took a paragraph and turn it into comics. Children really enjoyed this activity, a great way to learn! 
DSMC Instagram

DSMC's summer camp 2015

2015 Mandarin summer camp will be hold for one week only from 6th to 10th July this year. The popular hands on routines such as Chinese arts and crafts & Chinese culinary are there but our main theme for this year would be DIY toys so book your child/children's places now. Detail timetable will be out soon.


Take my Voki avatar's challenge! See how many questions can you answer in 60 seconds! A great tool to engage children and encourage them to create one too!
Take the Voki challenge!


Kahoot is a classroomj response system which create an engaging learning space through quiz and etc.  I made another Kahoot Quiz game for Happy Chinese learners. Go on, I dare you to take on the quiz challenge!
Have fun!

Create a fun class by make a short play

Most children love role play. I divided the children into groups and tell them to make a short play according to the content of lesson. I told them it's a competition to make it even more interesting. First I asked them to draw different props, then they need to decide among themselves for each role. I gave them few minutes to practice.
Here's a video of one group I recorded. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

聖誕倒數日曆 shèng dàn dào shǔ rì lì (advent calendar)

With all the excitement this time of the year, you can't not to take the advantage of it! Advent calendar is a great thing to make for big and small.

For older children, we recycle the "left over" sweets from Halloween and the egg carton, turn them into the advent calendar.
For younger children, we recycle again. We use the Christmas cards from last year and turn them into something beautiful and fun for children to create.
Not single one of them complain about writing numbers from 1 to 24!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Halloween 2014 - The Scream by Chinese painting

I was thinking about art and craft activity we can do for the Halloween this year. Then the famous The Scream painting came into my head. I thought it should be very doable to paint that in Chinese painting. I searched the internet but couldn't find any so I have to try it out myself. It turned out great I thought and children love it too.
Here're some from my Wed's class.

Friday, 26 September 2014

孔子kǒng zǐ (Confucius)

28th Sept is teachers' day in Taiwan since 1950s. Teachers’ Day has been changing in China. Last year the Chinese government released a draft amendment proposing to shift the day to September 28th (widely held to be the birth date of Confucius). I told stories about 孔子 Confucius to children this week and how important Confucianism is to us. I would love our children to learn kindness, respectful to others and filial to their parents. They loved this presentation and video.

Video on youtube:

Monday, 25 August 2014

Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese Online Registration 2014/2015

Day of classes Time Classroom Material Teacher Fee per class
Monday 1500-1600 GET Busy Kids Greystones Happy Chinese Evan 7 euro
Wednesday 1530-1730 Bray Living Mandarin 3 Evan 7 euro
Thursday 1530-1730 Bray Living Mandarin 1 Evan 7 euro
Thursday 1530-1730 Bray Living Mandarin 2 Shuping 7 euro
Saturday 0900-1000 Kildare Living Mandarin 1 Sage 10 euro
Saturday 1030-1130 Kildare Living Mandarin 2 Sage 10 euro
Private lesson available upon request

extra curriculum available upon request

Online registration by Friday 5th Sept on first come first serve basis. (please spend a few minutes, thank you very much)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Certificate 獎狀 jiǎng zhuàng

Giving exams, correcting papers, collecting data, grading pupils, give parents reports and printing certificates are not fun at all. But hey, it means the summer holiday is coming soon!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Chinese puppets 布袋戲 bù dài xì

These puppets are great assets to our school as children loved playing with them. They enjoyed the stories and practice lines for their puppet show.  

Thank you all very much for coming to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with us. I hope you enjoyed the food, games and chat.
Special thanks to Jessica BirdJane ByrneNell LinYafen Tsai, Amy Hsu for making delicious food. Also, thanks to Emiel BrennanMandy Reilly and Denise for helping me to make 200+ Zongzi. Mission accomplished!!
I also need to say thanks to all the volunteers who serve drinks, food and games. Thank you all!

Please do share your photos with us on our Facebook page. Thank you and see you next year!!

杯子歌 bēi zǐ gē

我  拿了 我    的 車   票      要      遠  走
wǒ ná le wǒ de chē piào yào yuǎn zǒu 
可樂  兩       瓶   來   跟   著  我
kě lè liǎng píng lái gēn zhe wǒ
我   肯    定     想       要  你來 陪   我
wǒ kěn dìng xiǎng yào nǐ lái péi wǒ 
我    明     天    離開,你說呢
wǒ míng tiān lí kāi    nǐ shuō ne
當     我   走了
dāng wǒ zǒu le 
當     我   走了
dāng wǒ zǒu le 
我  走  了 你   將    會      想   我
wǒ zǒu le nǐ jiāng huì xiǎng wǒ
你會     想      念    我的髮
nǐ huì xiǎng niàn wǒ de fà
你會    想      念     我一切
nǐ huì xiǎng niàn wǒ yī qiē 
我  走   了  你 將    會      想我
wǒ zǒu le nǐ jiāng huì xiǎng wǒ